Our Spring Event!

“How American Urban Segregation Outlived Apartheid and Other Tales from a World History of Divided Cities”

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Spring Lecture

Professor Carl H. Nightingale, University of Buffalo
Thursday, April 11, 2013
4:30-7:00 PM
Johnson Center, Meeting Room G
Fairfax Campus, George Mason University

Featuring Carl H. Nightingale, Associate Professor of Transnational Studies and American Studies, University of Buffalo. Professor Nightingale’s recent book, Segregation: A World History of Divided Cities, traces the spread of segregationist practices in ancient cities through the rise of racial segregation as a global phenomenon from 1700 to the present. It combines primary research on cities in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas with literature on the history of global urban politics. Professor Nightingale’s lecture will focus on his new reflections on transnational urban history.

The lecture will be followed by responses from:

  • Gregory D. Squires, Professor of Sociology and Public Policy & Public Administration, Department of Sociology, George Washington University
  • Rashmi Sadana, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, George Mason University

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