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Interest in the study of cities in global context, and of cities as transnational spaces where globalization is produced, experienced, and challenged, has grown dramatically in recent years. Scholars from a wide range of disciplines have turned their attention to urban spaces, which for the first time in history are home to a majority of the urban population. The purpose of the working group is to both contribute a distinctive voice to this interdisciplinary inquiry and to develop a collaborative space, drawing from the considerable expertise that exists within the university. We support faculty and graduate students in the development and dissemination of research. We encourage the writing of working papers, which will be posted on the Cities and Globalization working group webpage, and will organize occasional events on campus, providing an opportunity for members to present their work and for bringing in speakers from other institutions.

Working Group Chair: Johanna Bockman (SOCI)

Working Group Members:

Amy Best (SOCI)

Jo Marie Burt (PIA)

John Dale (SOCI)

Dana Dolan (SPP)

Robert Fenton (SOCI)

Rodney Hopson (EDUC)

Nazia Hussein (SPP)

Katie Kerstetter (SOCI, CSSR)

Terrence Lyons (S/CAR)

Agnieszka Paczynska (S/CAR)

Amit Patel (SPP)

Rashmi Sadana (ANTH)

Carl Turner (SPP)

Josh Tuttle (SOCI).

Contact: Johanna Bockman, jbockman@gmu.edu

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